How To Achieve Best Endings in the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

The Blood and Wine expansion is a significant expansion to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s grim universe, but it contrasts with the main game and Heart of Stone in terms of its level of darkness, which varies depending on the ending obtained.

To avoid any unforeseen problems caused by small choices, it is vital to understand how to achieve all possible endings of the primary quest, whether or not you have previously played the expansion. Having this knowledge will help you avoid any potential headaches that could arise.

The varied endings of the main quest in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion revolve around the story of two sisters with a complicated past. The turning point of the narrative always starts with the mission called ‘The Night of the Long Fangs,’ where Dettlaff commands an army of vampires and monsters to invade the city, regardless of the decision you make. The options you choose after this point will significantly impact the final outcome you achieve, underscoring the need to explore all possible endings.

The sheer amount of content in the base game of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is astounding, and the two paid expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, are no exception, both offering a substantial amount of content to explore.

In order to get the ending where both sisters survive in Blood and Wine, there are specific actions that need to be taken in a particular order. During the ‘Night of Long Fangs’ quest, selecting Syanna to be taken to Dettlaff is necessary to proceed to the ‘Beyond Hill and Dale’ quest.

There are two ways to achieve the first ending in Blood and Wine, with the first method involving finding Damien in “The Night of the Long Fangs” quest, obtaining Syanna’s ribbon in the “Beyond Hill and Dale” quest, and choosing to stop the investigation.

Alternatively, following Orianna and completing the “Blood Simple” and “What Lies Unseen” quests will also lead to this ending. However, this ending is tragic as it results in the deaths of key characters, Anna and Syanna.

In The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, selecting Syanna during the ‘The Night of the Long Fangs’ quest leads to the ‘Beyond Hill and Dale’ quest. To obtain Syanna’s ribbon, Geralt must journey to the Land of a Thousand Fables and acquire it from the Little Flint Girl. He can either win it through a game of Gwent or buy it, and there are multiple ways to achieve this outcome.

In Blood and Wine, there is another approach to reach a particular ending by visiting Orianna and carrying out the mission to encounter the Unseen Elder. This method results in the same ending regardless of other actions taken in the game, including going to the bootblack and discovering that Anna is the potential fifth victim.

It’s important to mention that despite players being engrossed in Syanna’s storyline, the quest to encounter the Unseen Elder is regarded as one of the most exceptional quests in the expansion, and it’s easy to miss.

Obtaining the “good” ending in Blood and Wine involves more effort than the first ending. The process is similar to the first ending, but after acquiring Syanna’s ribbon, Geralt must talk to her in her cell. In the “Pomp and Strange Circumstance” quest, Geralt should investigate the fifth victim, understand Syanna’s reasons, and convince her to forgive her sister. During the trial, instead of blaming others, Geralt should plead for mercy, resulting in the sisters reconciling and surviving.

To achieve the third and final ending in Blood and Wine, players must skip the quest to acquire Syanna’s ribbon and proceed with the main storyline until the end. While some side quests and options have been thoroughly explored, there may still be more endgame content to uncover.

The Witcher 3 is praised for its multiple endings, with the player’s choices having a significant impact on the story’s resolution.

Blood and Wine is the game’s final chapter, and players can approach it differently depending on their preferences. To experience all the expansion’s content, players should save their progress before starting the “The Night of the Long Fangs” quest.

However, if they’re satisfied with the first ending they come across, they can choose to end the story there, as Geralt isn’t known for offering many chances for do-overs.

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