How to Achieve All Wand Handles in Hogwarts Legacy

The video game “Hogwarts Legacy” lets players assume the role of a fifth-year student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The game’s primary objective is to thwart the sinister plans of a power-hungry goblin named Ranrok, who seeks to wage war against the wizarding community.

The game’s expansive world allows players to explore various areas and uncover hidden collectibles. Players can engage in multiple activities as the game begins, enhancing their gaming experience.

As players embark on their journey through Hogwarts Legacy, they will come across various options to modify the appearance of their in-game character. The most noticeable changes to the character’s look can be made by switching out gear, but there’s also the option to change the appearance of the wand by equipping different wand handles.

The game offers 44 other wand handles that players can discover and use. However, obtaining all of them can be a complicated task. But out of the numerous side quests available in Hogwarts Legacy, only five provide exclusive wand handles as a bonus. It can serve as an additional motivation for players to finish those specific missions and reap the rewards.

Players can acquire the Arrow-Black wand handle by completing the Brother’s Keeper side quest, which can be initiated by conversing with Dorothy Sprottle in the Upper Hogsfield area.

Once the quest has been completed, the player will be given the Arrow-Black wand handle as a prize by the quest-giver.

Players must first complete the Charms Class main quest to acquire the Avian-Grey wand handle in Hogwarts Legacy. To trigger the Flying Off the Shelves side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to converse with Cressida Blume, who can be found in the Central Hall of Hogwarts Castle. Players who complete the Gobs of Gobstones side quest may be rewarded with the Orbicular – Violet wand handle.

Players must talk to Zenobia Noke in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower to trigger this quest, but only after completing the Weasley After Class main quest. Upon successfully finishing the Gobs of Gobstones quest, players will be given the Orbicular – Violet wand handle as a unique reward.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can obtain the Checkerboard – Brown wand handle by undertaking the Absconder Encounter side quest. This quest can be started by talking to Edgar Adley in Aranshire, who will assign the player the task of infiltrating a problematic spider’s den. Upon completing the quest, players will be given the Checkerboard – Brown wand handle as a special reward.

If players wish to acquire the Column-Beige wand handle in Hogwarts Legacy, they must finish the E-Vase-Ive Manoeuvre side quest. This quest can be initiated by speaking with Althea Twiddle in Irondale, who will ask the player to investigate nearby ruins. If the player completes the quest, they will be rewarded with the Column-Beige wand handle, a unique prize.

The wand handles that can be obtained by completing side quests are relatively easy to acquire in Hogwarts Legacy. However, the remaining 39 wand handles in the game can be challenging. It is because they are only available through Collection Chests located throughout the map, and the contents of these chests are randomly generated. Therefore, players must search every Collection Chest in the game to obtain all the wand handles.

Finding and opening the Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy can be time-consuming as they contain Room of Requirement decorations and craftable traits. Still, it is the only way to ensure the player collects all the available wand handles in the game.

Players can use a technique that involves saving their game before opening a Collection Chest to obtain all wand handles in Hogwarts Legacy more efficiently. It will increase their likelihood of finding a wand handle inside the chest. Players can reload their saved game and try again if the chest does not contain a wand handle. Doing so will change the chest’s contents, and players can keep trying until they find a wand handle inside the trunk.

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