Hogwarts Legacy Developers work their magic to fix Biscuit Mooncalf quest glitch

The game developer, Avalanche Software, is currently focusing on fixing bugs in “Hogwarts Legacy” to provide players with a better gaming experience.

The Biscuit the Mooncalf side quest has been particularly troublesome among the challenges players have faced. However, Avalanche Software is actively working on resolving this quest to prevent players from becoming frustrated.

It demonstrates the developer’s dedication to ensuring that the game is as enjoyable as possible for its players by identifying and addressing issues that may negatively impact the gameplay.

After much anticipation, the highly-awaited “Hogwarts Legacy” video game finally launched on February 10, allowing fans to explore the captivating wizarding world of Harry Potter.

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Unfortunately, as is familiar with most new video games, players have encountered several bugs and glitches ranging from visual malfunctions to technical issues leading to game crashes and obstacles that impede progress.

Nonetheless, the game’s developer, Avalanche Software, has recently released a patch to address some of the most frustrating issues, providing some respite to gamers. However, the development team is still laboring hard to tackle any remaining bugs and glitches to ensure that the gaming experience is smooth and enjoyable for players.

Therefore, the developers are committed to delivering a game free of technical hitches to guarantee that players can immerse themselves in the wizarding world without impediments.

One bug causing problems for Wizarding World fans playing “Hogwarts Legacy” prevents them from rescuing Biscuit the Mooncalf, a famous mission in the game. Players must release the Magical Beast by unlocking its cage to complete the quest.

However, due to the recurring bug, the cage cannot be unlocked, making it impossible to progress through the mission.

It is not the first time this issue has arisen with specific missions in the game, and a permanent solution is yet to be found. Nonetheless, the gaming community has discovered several steps and workarounds to mitigate the problem temporarily and allow players to continue playing the game.

In the game “Hogwarts Legacy,” completing the side quest called “Take the Biscuit” requires players to travel to Hogsmeade and locate Garnuff, a goblin who is hiding underneath a bridge.

Upon talking to Garnuff, players will learn that his pet, Biscuit the Mooncalf, has been abducted by poachers, and Garnuff will ask for the player’s assistance in rescuing the animal.

This will trigger a series of tasks that the player must undertake, which involve overcoming different challenges and obstacles in order to save Biscuit. After defeating the poachers, you’ll need to use the Alohomora spell to open Biscuit’s cage and set it free.

However, numerous players have encountered a bug that prevents them from opening the cage, making it impossible to complete the quest. While restarting the game has helped some players overcome this issue, it doesn’t work for everyone, and many continue to experience difficulty.

The glitch affecting players during the Biscuit the Mooncalf quest is prevalent across all platforms that support “Hogwarts Legacy,” such as PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

A potential solution for this issue is to restart the game or reload the most recent saved checkpoint.

The Wizarding World community has reported that filling the environment and instance has resolved many players’ problems, with the game presenting the necessary prompt to release Biscuit from its cage. Restarting the game on any platform could provide an effective solution to fix the game’s performance issues.

If you are a Steam user experiencing issues related to the Biscuit the Mooncalf quest glitch in “Hogwarts Legacy,” you may be able to solve the problem by verifying the integrity of your game files. It can be done by instructing the Steam client to check all files in the game’s installation directory. If any files are corrupt or damaged, the process will automatically replace them with clean versions.

To verify the integrity of your game files, you will need to right-click on the “Hogwarts Legacy” game in your Steam library, select “Properties,” scroll to the “Local Files” section and select the option to check the game’s files. It will prompt the game client to scan the installation directory and automatically replace any damaged or corrupted files with clean versions.

This process can help you identify and fix any issues with corrupted files, which could be causing the Biscuit the Mooncalf quest glitch and other performance problems.

At present, details or updates have yet to be known about when the following patch for Hogwarts Legacy will be released to fix the problem with the Take the Biscuit quest bug.

The lack of transparency on the patch release date makes it challenging to determine when the quest issue will be resolved.

Nonetheless, a recent patch has been rolled out, intended to resolve several issues related to poor performance on PC. Previously, players had to adjust game settings to mitigate these issues manually. Fans eagerly anticipate the next patch’s release, hoping it will address various issues, including the bug with the Take the Biscuit quest.

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