He can still come: Theresa May says President Trump will still visit the Queen despite his controversial immigration policy

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More than 1.5 million people have signed a petition calling for President Donald Trump to be banned from making a state visit to Britain following widespread outcry about his decision to ban people from seven, mainly Muslim, countries from entering the US.

However, despite protests and sweeping criticism, British Prime Minister Theresa May says that the invitation still stands. The Prime Minister, who became the first leader in the world to meet the new president at the White House, is coming under increasing pressure to prevent Mr Trump’s state visit to the UK.

However, at a press conference, along with Irish prime minister Enda Kenny in Dublin, she said that the visit would be going ahead as planned. She insisted that an invitation for a state visit had been issued, and that invitation still stands.

He won’t be uninvited

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has also told Mr Trump that his state visit won’t be shelved. He also told the British public that Britons will not fall foul of Mr Trump’s travel ban. Mr Johnson said there was no way that Mr Trump would be uninvited.

He said that as an elected head of state of our closest allies, there was no reason at all why Mr Trump should not head to Britain for a state visit. Indeed, he added, there was “every reason why he should”. However, Mr Johnson did concede that Mr Trump’s travel ban had caused “unease” around the world.

A spokesperson for Downing Street said that Mrs May was “very happy” the US president had decided to accept the Queen’s invitation to come to the UK, adding that she was looking forward to hosting him in Britain in the coming months.

Protests about Mr Trump’s immigration police have taken place not just across America, but in cities around Britain, including in London, Newcastle and Manchester.

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