Girl, 10, dies on Christmas Eve flight

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A little girl has tragically died just before Christmas while flying from Canada to London. The 10 year old is understood to have suffered a cardiac arrest while making a transatlantic journey from Toronto to Heathrow on Christmas Eve.

When she fell ill, Air Canada Flight AC-688 was diverted to Shannon in Ireland. Currently, no information has been released about what nationality the girl is. According to reports, the jet was just west of Mayo when the crew told air traffic control that they needed to land as quickly as possible because of a medical emergency on board.

The crew decided to divert to Shannon and asked that paramedics be waiting for them to provide help as soon as they touched down. The pilot warned air traffic control that they had a child who had suffered heart failure on board the aircraft.

It is believed that the child was not travelling with her parents, but with three adult siblings when she tragically went into cardiac arrest. Immediately, a rapid response unit and an ambulance were sent out to wait for the flight touching down at 7.40pm on Christmas Eve.

Pronounced dead

The little girl was bluelighted to University Hospital Limerick, but medics could not save her and she was pronounced dead just a short time later. A post mortem examination will be carried out to officially determine the cause of death. Following the diversion, the plane headed on to Heathrow.

The tragic death comes after Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack onboard a transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles. The pilot warned air traffic control that a woman on board was being kept alive by passengers performing CPR, and she was taken straight to hospital upon landing. Ms Fisher is now in intensive care in hospital in Los Angeles.





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