Genshin Impact New Leaks: Dehya Receives Major Upgrades

A newly published video about Genshin Impact, a well-known video game, has provided additional information regarding the most recent character addition, Dehya.

This robust character is categorized as a five-star Pyro character and was introduced to the game as part of version 3.5. Cyno, another five-star character initially introduced in version 3.1, is also being re-released.

This video provides players with a more comprehensive understanding of both characters’ abilities and features, offering a deeper appreciation for their roles within the game.

In the Genshin Impact update 3.5 live stream, it was confirmed that Dehya, a newly introduced character, will be added to the Standard Banner after the release of update 3.6. This is similar to the introduction of Tighnari in update 3.1.

Although Dehya was just recently introduced, the game’s developers, HoYoverse, have already revealed two more upcoming characters, Baizhu and Kaveh, who will be included in the game in the upcoming 3.6 update.

The video explores Dehya’s personality and gameplay style. Dehya is part of a group of dangerous mercenaries known as the Eremites, who come from the deserts of Sumeru. Despite her reputation as a fierce fighter, Dehya has a softer side, which was previously demonstrated when she used all her savings to help an orphanage in Sumeru.

On the battlefield, Dehya is expected to be a top-tier Pyro DPS character, potentially ranking in the A or S-tier, with her Elemental Burst being a key component of her combat tactics.

She possesses an extraordinary Elemental Burst that activates the Blazing Lioness State, where she forgoes her weapon in favor of close combat. In this mode, her Normal Attacks become Pyro-infused and have an area-of-effect, causing damage to enemies in proximity. In addition, Dehya is a unique character as she can enhance the mobility of her teammates by using her Passive Talent, The Sunlit Way.

She was also revealed to have an ability called “Fiery Sanctum,” which creates a damaging field upon hitting enemies. Despite being a powerful five-star character, some players have chosen not to pull her banner as she will only be obtainable on the standard banner after the 3.5 update. This means that getting her constellations in the future might be difficult since she is unlikely to be featured on a limited-time banner again.

Recent leaks suggest that in the upcoming 3.6 update of Genshin Impact, Dehya is going to receive a new artifact set called Brilliance of Dew. This artifact set is designed to enhance the damage output of Dehya’s Elemental Skill and Burst abilities when she is hit by an attack.

The strength of this buff will be increased if Dehya is not currently active in the battlefield. It is worth noting that Dehya possesses a unique talent called Molten Inferno, which allows her to take damage even when she is not on the field, making her one of the few characters in the game with this capability.

Dehya’s Molten Inferno move produces an arena known as the Fiery Sanctum, which activates coordinated Pyro assaults when opponents suffer harm inside it. Other than that, any character, including Dehya, who takes damage inside the Fiery Sanctum will transfer all the damage inflicted to Dehya.

In Dehya’s elemental Burst, she will discard her Claymore and activate the Blazing Lioness state, assuming direct control of the fight. Utilizing her Pyro-charged fists, she will unleash devastating damage upon her enemies, culminating in a fiery finishing kick.

The latest beta developments for Dehya’s character in Genshin Impact have been uncovered, revealing alterations to her constellation. As per a Reddit post, her C0 has been buffed, and C6 has received a nerf. Though earlier leaks have provided information on the specifics of the changes, this latest leak has yet to provide such details.

The Reddit post also speculates that the game’s developers may intend to make Dehya the leading Pyro hyper-carry by transforming her into a DPS character supported by three other characters.

According to another Reddit post (which has not been removed), the recent beta testing for Genshin Impact 3.5 has raised the number of attacks that Dehya can perform while using her Elemental Burst. During the Burst’s duration, she can now execute ten regular attacks by repeatedly using her NA command instead of the previous count of six.

In Genshin Impact, the upcoming Windblume v2 event will introduce a new Claymore weapon called the Mailed Flower. This weapon, based on Elemental Mastery, is Dehya’s signature and is a 4-star item. The event will also provide players with free refinement materials for 4-star weapons, allowing them to enhance Claymore’s refinement levels.

Meanwhile, the Beacon of the Reed Sea is a new 5-star Claymore featuring passive effects tailored to Dehya’s abilities. However, it is also a Critical-based Claymore and can be used by other DPS characters in the game.

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