Father shot in school playground as he dropped his child off

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A father has been shot in a suspected gangland revenge attack as he dropped his child off at primary school. Thirty five year old Ross Monaghan was acquitted of the murder of gang enforcer Kevin Carroll in Glasgow.

Now, Mr Monghan has been shot at close range while in the playground at St George’s Roman Catholic Primary School in the city. The father was rushed to hospital, where he is now described as being in a stable condition.

According to rumours, the alleged gunman hid his weapon in a child’s pushchair after the shooting. Detectives have now launched a huge manhunt for the gunman, who is alleged to have carried out the shooting just outside the entrance to the primary school. Mr Monaghan is believed to have suffered wounds to his side and back.

Mr Monaghan is understood to be part of the notorious Lyons gang in Glasgow. He was found not guilty of the murder of Mr Carroll, dubbed the Gerbil. The two gangs are infamous in the city and a number of deaths have been connected to a drugs war between them.

Gathering evidence

Forensic officers have been seen wearing white suits as they gather evidence close to the school. It is understood that they have bagged up the casing of a bullet. Witnesses say that they saw a man being shot by another man near to the school’s entrance at 9am, just as parents were arriving with their children for the start of the school day.

One man said he had been taking his daughters for their first day at primary school when he witnessed the incident. He said he saw the shooting and told his girls to stay in the car. The parents said he would have given chase, but needed to stay with his children. A large police presence still remains outside the school in a bid to reassure parents that their children are safe.

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