Every parents’ nightmare: Mother tells of how her daughter went missing for an hour in -15C temperatures on trip to see Santa

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A mother has told of the heartstopping moment when she realised her little girl had become lost in Lapland during a trip to see Santa. Charli Faux, 38, from North London is now demanding a refund from the travel firm who organised the trip after her four year old daughter Scarlett went missing.

Education worker Mrs Faux said she became hysterical when she realised her daughter had vanished. She explained that Scarlett was supposed to have been on a sleigh with a number of other children, who were being taken through a forest to see the Northern Lights, while their parents followed them on snow mobiles.

However, when they all arrived at their destination, it turned out that Scarlett was not there. Her mother said she truly believed she was dead, or had been kidnapped. Finnish police officers were called to help in the search in the Arctic Circle where temperatures were as low as minus 15C.

Wrong sleigh

It was finally discovered that little Scarlett had been put on the wrong sleigh and was at a different viewing post. Santa’s Lapland, the company which organised the Northern Lights trip, has already said sorry to the family, offered a refund on the £230 cost of the excursion, and sent a large teddy bear to the little girl at her hotel room.

However, Mrs Faux said she had been massively traumatised by what had happened, saying it was hard to describe the terror she had felt as she realised her daughter was missing in such freezing temperatures, that it was pitch black, she did not speak Finnish and everyone was simply looking bewildered.

She is now seeking a refund of the price of the whole holiday, which included a visit to see Santa Claus, because she feels the entire trip was tainted by the traumatic experience.




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