Destiny 2: A Tougher Gaming Experience Ahead with Lightfall Release

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Lightfall, the latest expansion for Destiny 2, which is set to introduce new features like the Neptune location and Strand subclass, game director Joe Blackburn has written a blog update. This annual tradition provides players with insight into what they can expect for the upcoming year in the game, outlining the developer’s plans and expectations.

Joe Blackburn discussed various topics related to the upcoming year of Destiny 2. One of these topics was the planned overhaul of the crafting system, which will reduce the number of weapons available for crafting. However, the system will also introduce enhanced versions of random perks for weapons obtained through drops. Additionally, it was mentioned that acquiring deep-sight weapons will become more accessible in Season 21, also known as the “Season of the Deep.”

In the current season of Destiny 2, players have been given a glimpse of the potential future of the game’s power level system. The traditional grind of leveling up 10-30 levels each season may soon be replaced by a new system, which involves fixed difficulty tiers that players must meet to participate. Under this new system, players will not be able to join if they are under-leveled, but they also will not be able to over-level for the tiers.

The idea for the updated power level system in Destiny 2 was inspired by the contest mode used in day one raid races. This mode requires all players to adhere to a standardized power level, preventing players from gaining an unfair advantage by grinding excessively before the raid. The new power level system aims to promote an equitable playing field that allows players of all levels to participate without fear of being either under-leveled or overpowered. By implementing fixed difficulty tiers that players must meet, the system strives to ensure that all players have an enjoyable and fair experience.

At present, power level no longer significantly influences any form of PvP besides the Trials of Osiris. Iron Banner, a mode where power level played an important role for years, has since abolished this feature. The only place where power level remains relevant is in Trials, where players receive a +10 pinnacle bonus, which helps to maintain balance by preventing certain weapons from dominating the meta. This new direction for the game ensures that power level no longer plays a significant role in PvP, with Trials as the only exception where it still holds some importance.

The addition of Stasis in Beyond Light and the release of 3.0 subclasses during The Witch Queen era in Destiny 2 allowed players to become powerful protectors of humanity. But as Bungie prepares for the release of Lightfall, players should brace themselves for a stricter gameplay experience as the company seeks to improve the game’s overall difficulty.

Destiny 2 will continue to provide players with various difficulty levels in campaigns, Nightfalls, secret missions, dungeons, and raids. However, the game’s studio is pursuing a two-part strategy to reintroduce more challenging content. The first part of this strategy involves adjusting abilities across the board in both PvE and PvP modes to improve balance and raise the overall difficulty level.

According to Joe Blackburn, the game director at Bungie, Destiny 2 is a game that places equal emphasis on both guns and powers. The game developers of Destiny 2 aim to balance the power of guns and abilities in the upcoming Lightfall release. To achieve this, they plan to introduce changes that will moderately increase the time it takes for abilities to recharge in both PvE and PvP modes. This modification is intended to encourage players to use their abilities more thoughtfully and strategically rather than relying on them too frequently.

The goal is to create a more balanced and challenging gameplay experience for players, where the use of abilities requires more careful consideration and planning. Moreover, Bungie aims to make it easier for players to create outstanding character builds with the forthcoming build crafting updates. Though gear and mods remain essential, some of the buffs to Guardians’ damage and survivability in the old system were too strong. Bungie plans to address this imbalance by introducing gear-driven buff-balancing patches.

Bungie plans to create an environment in the new location of Neomuna that is consistently dangerous but not unfairly so, reflecting the studio’s focus on maintaining a fair balance in the game. The studio will gradually tweak player power throughout the year of Lightfall to prepare for a significant change to the system, which will be introduced in the expansion of The Final Shape in the following year. Lightfall will have a similar power climb to The Witch Queen, but the power or pinnacle cap will remain unchanged in Season of the Deep.

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