Destiny 2: A Quick guide to the challenges for the tenth week of Season of the Seraph

The final set of seasonal objectives in the Season of the Seraph in “Destiny 2” have arrived, with only three challenges available. These challenges require a lot of effort, but the rewards for completing them include substantial XP, Umbral Energy, and a small amount of Bright Dust. The tasks include finding collectibles in the Seraph’s Shield, participating in activities in the EDZ, and obtaining the final Veles-X ornament. This week’s objectives are fewer than usual, but we’ll give you a summary of the details of each challenge, the rewards you’ll receive, and the quickest way to finish them.

Vanguard Ornament

One of the objectives, completing EDZ activities, is relatively straightforward. If you have been working on Vanguard missions, you may have already completed the Vanguard Ornament and will receive a small amount of Bright Dust for your efforts. The seasonal challenges can be done at your leisure, and will only disappear when the season concludes in February. If you need a break from “Destiny 2,” you can always come back later and complete multiple challenges after some rest. Throughout the season, players can expect ten weeks of seasonal challenges in “Destiny 2.”

Strike Battles

Some tasks are relatively easy, like finishing a series of Strikes or Crucible battles, while others increase in difficulty, like accomplishing the Nightfall on Grandmaster level or winning matches in the Trials of Osiris.

Another rephrasing: Currently, Destiny 2 is in a period of peace before the next era arrives with Lightfall’s launch on February 28th. As the conclusion of Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph draws near, players are urged to finish all seasonal challenges before Lightfall arrives. Completing these challenges will reward you with increased power through EXP and a permanent accumulation of Bright Dust.

Warmind Node

The Seraph Station holds 12 security drones and 4 nodes associated with the Warmind. These security drones can be defeated by utilizing Revision Zero, which players should have already acquired from Seraph’s Shield. To unlock the Warmind nodes, players must generate a Resonant Stem using the Enhanced Resonance Amp from their inventory. To do this, players must participate in seasonal content and use the Resonance Amp to find a node, as the Amp will reveal the location of the Warmind node.

There are a total of 12 security drones and 4 Warmind nodes that can be found in Seraph Station. Players can take out the security drones by shooting them with the Revision Zero weapon, which they should already have from Seraph’s Shield. To access the Warmind nodes, players must make a Resonant Stem from their Enhanced Resonance Amp inventory item. Essentially, participating in the seasonal content and utilizing the Resonance Amp can help players locate the nodes – the Amp will indicate the position of the Warmind node.

Legend Heist Battlegrounds

In essence, the next set of challenges will involve players completing the Legend Heist Battlegrounds, calibrating Machine Guns, reaching the pinnacle cap, calibrating weapons, and more. This article provides a list of all six seasonal challenges for Week 9 of Season 19.

To fulfill the EDZ activities challenge, players must participate in activities within the EDZ region. A practical method is to obtain bounties from Devrim Kay and clear Lost Sectors in Trostland, as they are quickly finished and offer substantial progress with each completion. By doing these tasks and bounties, the challenge can be accomplished in just an hour.

Veles-X Orcus-X ornament

The Veles-X Orcus-X ornament can be obtained by resetting your Vanguard rank and reaching rank 16 with Zavala. This may take several play sessions if you haven’t been participating in Vanguard Ops during the current season. To make the most progress, it is recommended to farm Nightfall activities at the Adept level or higher, as they give more reputation than Vanguard Ops and offer the added bonus of Activity Streaks. This is a good chance to acquire the Prolonged Engagement SMG for the current season as well.

Rasputin’s Subminds

During Season of the Seraph, Ana Bray is working to restore the control of the Warsats that are threatened by the Vex. Guardians must invade Braytech facilities throughout the system to collect pieces of Rasputin’s consciousness, which are referred to as Rasputin’s Subminds, scattered across the facilities.

The Heist Battleground activity involves players forming a team to carry out daring heists to collect fragments of Rasputin’s consciousness, scattered across the system. Guardians must infiltrate Braytech facilities while avoiding security systems and fighting off enemies to retrieve the subminds. The ultimate goal is to integrate the subminds into the Warsat orbital platform to restore the power of the Warmind, Rasputin.

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