Date night: Kim and Kanye out together as they try to rebuild their marriage

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Reality star Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West have been spotted out and about together for a date night in Beverly Hills. Kim was wearing ripped jeans with what appeared to be lace tights underneath, while Kanye was dressed in a casual grey tracksuit, which he paired with his Yeezy trainers.

Their date night follows the arrests of 17 people in connection with the armed robbery suffered by Kim in Paris last year, when a gang got away with £8.5m worth of her jewels. The only piece of jewellery Kim seemed to be wearing for her sushi outing was a lip ring. Ever since she was robbed, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has shunned flashy diamonds in favour of more subtle jewels.

Following the robbery, Kim stayed away from social media after suggestions that she was targetted because thieves spotted her jewellery in images she had posted. However, she has now made a return to making social media posts.

Troubled times

The couple have faced troubled times following the robbery and Kanye’s mental health issues. Kanye was hospitalised for a time but is understood to now be receiving continued treatment as an outpatient.

While Kim’s $5m engagement ring was one of the items stolen in the heist, sources say the two brothers accused of helping to sell it on could help to get it back. The brothers are part of a gang of people currently being held for police questioning. Others arrested include Kim’s chauffeur from that night and his brother, suggesting that the robbery may have been an inside job.

Suspects homes have been thoroughly searched and police have also raided a jewellery store in Paris. It is thought that the jewellery may have ended up in Antwerp where unsourced items can change hands for millions, with no questions asked.




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