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Mental Illness

Mental Illness – A Serious Concern for Young Australians

Mental illnesses are very common in our society today. There are many reasons for this growing issue. Materialism, the fast pace of life, peer pressure, work-life imbalance, and a highly…


Brain “Wonder-drug” Might be a Cure for Dementia

Scientists might have found a drug to stop all neuro-degenerative brain diseases, including dementia. Dementia isn’t a specific disease but a syndrome. Dementia describes a group of symptoms affecting memory,…


A Massive Rubbish Dump Falls in Srilanka

While the nation celebrated its New Year’s Day, a massive 300 feet high dump of rubbish collapsed in Colombo, Srilanka in a place known as Meetotamulla on Friday- April 15th,…


Hydrate Yourself with Edible Eco-friendly Water Orbs!

It is a known fact that plastic bottles, used for water or juices, bring harm to the environment because of its inability to being recycled. The USA alone consumes 50 billion plastic…

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