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Call of Duty Warzone – How to Fix the Freeze Glitches

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Ever since Activision released the Call of Duty Cold War integration, players have been frustrated with endless freeze glitches one of which occurs randomly causing the player to restart the machine while one has a specific time where it only appears while selecting a loadout. Call of Duty Warzone is a risky, dangerous, sudden game which needs swift movements and a clear view to win. These glitches has rendered many good players helpless as there was no way out of them and they were considered game-breaking. The players had to go back to the lobby and move to a new match.

Even though the bug was fixed, after the Call of Duty Vanguard integration players are still being tormented with temporary freezes which are just as dangerous as the previous glitch.

A warzone player must know how irritating that can be as they are utterly helpless in these scenarios. The first glitch occurs just as the player selects their desired loadout, where they are met with a few seconds of frozen screen where they cannot move, hear, or see anything but the stuck screen of a loadout and some scenery.

This glitch began in season 1 and has found its way in season 2 as well. Xbox and Playstation players have been most affected by this glitch. This glitch can be much more problematic in smaller maps like Rebirth Island where there are a very limited number of hot spots to play. The crammed up map makes it all the more dangerous to pick up a loadout in the middle of the battlefield.

Luckily, some gamers have found an easy solve. Although it does not work every time but most of the times it would get them out of the screen freeze. To solve this issue;

  • When the plane flies over Verdansk/Rebirth Island, go to the ‘Options’ menu from the in-game pause area.
  • This should be done while dropping down into the map.
  • The ‘Options’ menu might freeze and the player simply has to wait it out.
  • Once the freeze is over, return to the game and enjoy it without the glitch.

However, if the ‘Options’ menu does not freeze up, the loadout glitch might still occur.

One other risky fix for this problem is to pick up the loadout while standing up still. This is risky because it leaves the player completely exposed and it might or might not help avoid the glitch. The theory is that when players crouch, prone, slide cancel or do anything fancy into the loadout before selecting it, it tends to freeze up which is why standing still helps to counter the glitch.

The second annoying freeze glitch is that some players have also reported that while playing a match, especially in Caldera, their game begins to get weird and then completely crashes. There have been reports of invisible guns, no visual or sound for parachute deploy and then the inevitable. The player has to unplug their machine and start it all over again which bums them out because the whole process takes time. Although these issues are common to almost every console warzone player, sneaky gamers have found ways to counter these problems.

  • The go-to action to take here is to adjust your game brightness to 50. Brightness affects the game in terms of contrast and colour and it is safe to keep it in the middle aligned with your TV/ monitor brightness.
  • Turn off controller vibration. Although it might not seem important but it can help the performance of the game.
  • Then, adjusting the display settings will help smoothen the game. Turn off the motion blur. This will help the game run more swiftly.
  • Film grain should be turned off. It does not have a positive effect on the gameplay as it is just for visuals.

However, an important option that should be disabled is the On-Demand Texture Streaming feature. Activision added it as an attempt to reduce the ever increasing size of the game. It gives the player an opportunity, when turned on, to download HD texture packs as the player requires them during the game. This in turn reduces size of the game because there are certain limits set to the storage and the bandwidth due to which the old cache memories are deleted once the bar is full, making space for new textures to be download.

Unfortunately, this feature is best suited only for people with high-end PCs and fast internet speeds but for other PC and console players, this setting must be disabled as it has reportedly caused a lot of issues in Vanguard and in Warzone too since it was added.

Even now after many updates, Warzone still has performance issues especially in consoles. Most of the complaints about the game crashes have been coming from people who run the game higher than 60 Hz. Trying to play the game in 4K or 120 Hz will make it extremely harrd to play and at the risk of breaking down during any and every match. 1080p and 60 Hz work best for the game where the player can actually enjoy the contents and the graphical detail without lagging.

Meanwhile for PC players, the random freezes aren’t that common but the loadout glitch happens just as often, annoying the player in almost every game. However, for those with a PC which does not have all the expensive bits attached to it, they can tweak the display settings for a much better Warzone experience:

  • Increase display saturation (according to your convenience) for a lively experience and a clearer view of the game
  • Weapon and world motion blur must be disabled. Since moving and shooting are the most basic phenomenon of the game, they become heavy for the device to handle.

Further tweaks according to the specifications of the PC and console can improve the quality of the game and provide players with a much more trouble-free gaming experience.

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