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Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard – The Biggest Rebirth Island Update Yet

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Activision has just announced a huge season 2 update for Call of Duty: Warzone along with new features in Call of Duty: Vanguard set to release on 22 and 23 March respectively. Season Two Reloaded is bringing a handful of new and amazing opportunities to the game including Rebirth Island Reinforced, a new mission in the Alps, new bundles, and weapons with interesting new game modes. This new update is considered to be Rebirth Island’s biggest update since its launch and that is the sole focus of everything new with it.

Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded

Call of Duty: Warzone – Rebirth Island Reinforced

After the Iron Trials’ addition to the playlist, Perseus was reconstructing Rebirth Island and the wait is finally over as the expansion of the Island is here! The sun is shining brighter and players are going to notice much clearer skies, bringing out the true face of Rebirth Island without the gas clouds roaming over the atmosphere. This will greatly increase visibility for the players. Apart from this, three new major areas have been changed and improved in Rebirth Island:


The Security Area was not considered a point of interest for close combat fights. It was taken as a cornered area which players sometimes avoid. However, with the revamping of the Security Area now known as the Stronghold, the area is given an entirely new shape. An administrative building along with a radar building has been added replacing the communications tower players are familiar with. The observational deck in the radar building makes it a great spot for scouting out to the Living Quarters.

Dock and Supply Ships:

Following the update, players will see two huge ships docked in Rebirth Island; one near the waters of Factory and one near a brand new area called Dock which is near the Control Center helipad. Players can search the top and bottom of these ships for loot and supply crates or climb up high for an advantage over the enemies on the Docks, Living Quarters, and Harbour.

call of duty warzone

The Prison Yard and Water Tower:

Along with these changes, one of the main hotspots of Rebirth Island has gone through some shifts itself. The Prison Yard is seen to be strengthened using construction items and a new cover area that can be used to hide or kill enemies down at the Decon Zone and Shore. Players will also notice the Water Tower near the Prison Yard completely repainted along with Perseus’ flags on it.

call of duty warzone

Interestingly enough, the Redeploy Balloons of Caldera have also arrived in Rebirth Island which can be used to jump back up into the air and drop back into the map somewhere else just like at the beginning of a match. Moreover, Activision has teased other changes to the Island as well but has left it upon the players to figure them out once the update is live.

Following the major changes in the locations of the map itself, Rebirth Reinforced is coming with three new mind-blowing modes:

Warzone – Rebirth Resurgence Solos

Every Warzone player is familiar with the Resurgence Mode which started from the Rebirth Island and is still played widely. However, players never got the chance to enjoy a solo variant of the game mode. But, not anymore because Rebirth Resurgence Solos has arrived and this interesting game mode can finally be enjoyed without the need for a teammate.

In this variant, a Rebirth Meter is what redeploys players back into this fast-paced game mode. At first, the Rebirth Meter is already activated, and after the first use, earning kills, completing contracts, and staying alive recharges the timer for the Rebirth Meter. Just like in normal Resurgence, the Rebirth Meter deactivates for good after a certain Circle is closed, paving the way for a showdown without the privileges of redeployment.

Rebirth Blood Money

Those who have been playing Warzone for a while, know well enough about this game mode. Blood Money originally came from the Plunder mode where earning a certain amount of cash first wins the game. This version of Plunder gives a huge sum of cash from kills even though the enemy operator has little to no cash on him. This is the first time that players will get to experience Plunder or Blood Money in Rebirth Island which is a much smaller map than Verdansk or Caldera. This mode is great for earning XP and leveling up quickly.

Rebirth Payload

In this team-based game mode, players help escort and stop a truck from following a set path along Rebirth Island. The match is 12v12 where there are 3 teams of 4 Operators on each side. These three teams camp on three preset routes where they fight to protect their own and damage enemy convoys. This is the first time for Payload to arrive in Rebirth as well before which it started in Verdansk.

Rebirth Reinforced Event

Exciting news for all Warzone players is the new live event which will begin after the huge season update. This latest community-based event can help unlock tons of new features, items, and an LMG Blueprint as well. Just like previous events, this one will have missions and challenges to complete which will be rewarded in the form of stickers, charms, calling cards, emblems, and lastly the ‘Toxic Heavy’ LMG Blueprint.

Apart from these, there will be Community Challenges that are fairly new to the game itself. These tasks are for the entire Warzone community and the idea is that the actions of all players will be contributed to the missions displayed in the Community Challenges area. There will reportedly be a total of 4 Community Challenges; the first one being mostly about earning kills which would grant 25,000 XP at the end of the challenge to every player who has participated in it. The rest of the challenges will reward players with huge amounts of XP, Communication Stations, Armored Transport Vehicles, and another item that is yet to be disclosed by Activision.

The first Community Challenge along with 25,000 XP will also unlock Weapon Trade Stations on the island. These stations provide the players with an opportunity to exchange their weapons for another one of lesser quality along with items such as Armor Satchels, Cash, Equipment, Killstreaks, Self-Revive Kits, and even Specialist Tokens all depending upon the original weapon’s rarity.

Vanguard New Features

Call of Duty: Vanguard has gotten some new additions to it as well. There is a new map mode available along with new vehicles. The addition of the new SMG and the impact of the new covenants on the Zombies multiplayer will take the game to the next level.

Arms Race

A new large map mode called the ‘Arms Race’ is added which is a 12v12 game mode taking place on the Alps. In this game mode, the main objective is to capture all enemy bases. Operators can choose to respawn on their base or their enemy’s. Buy stations are available which can be used to purchase equipment, Killstreaks, Field Upgrades, and custom loadouts.

New Vehicles

Vanguard has received thrilling new vehicles like the Motorcycle, CD12 Transport, and Tanks. Motorcycles provide speed at the expense of durability. A series of bullets can easily explode the vehicle while it can also be used to cut around corners and dodge bullets if handled appropriately. The CD12 Transport is a four-seater vehicle. This vehicle is fairly durable and can be used to inflict damage to other players as it causes a large explosion when it is destroyed. The tank is the most expensive and the most durable vehicle in the game. It has built-in weaponry with only one seat as the gunner.

Ranked Play and Zombies

The new update is bringing new ranked challenges with new rewards that can be earned including two Blueprints, two weapon Camos, two Charms, Spray, Sticker, and an Emblem. Furthermore, winning a certain amount of Ranked Matches can earn the player Solange Operator Skin as well.

Two new covenants are being added to Zombies and the Armaguerra 43 SMG will also be available to unlock after the update. Two new abilities; Critical Expertise and Explosives Expert are going to be added to the new covenants.

New Warzone Packs, Bundles, Weapons

A new weapon has made its way into Warzone; the Armaguerra 43 SMG. This SMG has a very high rate of fire and is effective in close to medium-range combat. However, it can be used for long-range combats as well with the right attachments. The Armaguerra 43 can be unlocked by completing an SMG-based challenge or by purchasing the bundle which will be released later into the update.

warzone call of duty vanguard

New packs have been added to the store

Island Expedition Pro Pack: 

Players can purchase the Pro Pack for a Reyes skin and legendary Blueprints namely ‘Bakunawa’ LMG and ‘Babaylan’ Marksman Rifle. Along with it, a new MVP highlight, a killcam vanity (only for Vanguard), and a 2,400 COD points topper.

Boston Breach Team Pack:

The Boston Breach Team Pack includes two Operator skins, a weapon camo, and a whole set of Boston Breach items like a calling card, charm, emblem, and a sticker.

Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan Mastercraft Bundle:

The Tracer Pack gives the players the Armored Titan skin along with a Mastercraft Blueprint with a weapons inspection.

Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle: 

For the Doggfather fans, this is incredible news as they will get a chance to play with Snoop Dogg as an Operator in Warzone by purchasing his skin bundle.

Gustavo Dos Santos Bundle:

Gustavo Dos Santos will be available in the game, ultimately completing the Task Force Yeti trio. He can be unlocked by purchasing his skin bundle from the store which will be available along with the other bundles following the release of the update.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play Battle Royale game from Activision. You can check it out right here!


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