British father of four murdered in Thailand

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A British father of four has been gunned down at a popular tourist resort in Thailand. Tony Kenway, 39, who comes from Southampton was killed in his Porsche Cayenne while parked in Pattaya.

He had moved to Thailand where he lived with his wife, Paris Kenway, 32, and the couple had only just had their fourth child. His sister Kirsty, 31, said he had lived in Thailand for a number of years and had been happily married for five.

She said she had last visited him at Christmas and that he has a stepson living in Spain as well as a nine year old son and two children with his wife, aged three and four months. She described him as a devoted father who loved spending time with his children.

Gang killing

Thai police are now probing whether he could have been killed by so-called foreign boiler room gangs in the resort. It is understood that police found a cartridge case and a cigarette butt from the scene of the crime, which they believe could be evidence. CCTV footage has been captured, which shows the victim walking across the parking area of an upmarket sports club before getting into his car.

A gunman then comes up to him from a different direction and opens the door of the car before shooting him and making a getaway on a motorbike. His killer is described as a chubby man, who was wearing a white top, black jacket, trainers and a baseball cap.

Paris is understood to have told police officers that her husband ran a website design company which he had set up. However, he had recently run into a conflict with a shareholder, and police will be looking into whether that could be connected to his killing. Pattaya is very popular with British ex-pats, and Mr Kenway had lived there for seven years.

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