Best Laptop Skins, Stickers, and Decals

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Over the past decade, we have seen an explosion of innovation in the computer hardware space. We’re now rocking machines faster than old supercomputers in our hands. However, while the power upgrades have been significant, it is the aesthetic innovation that has changed the modern landscape of computing devices, especially laptops. Gone are the days of big chunky notebooks and now everyone carries a sleek and neatly designed laptop that weighs less than a kilogram. One area where things haven’t moved forward is the customization and personalization of these devices and this is where Laptop Skins come into play.

Back in the old days, laptop manufacturers had begun to offer a lot of different customization options to their consumers. For instance, the whole shtick of the Sony Vaio series was its style and how you could pick from dozens of color choices and make a fashion statement. Modern laptops don’t quite offer that sort of flamboyance and character anymore. Most companies make a standardized laptop model with 2 or 3 color choices and if you happen to rock a MacBook, you won’t stand out in the crowd at all.

Thankfully, many third-party manufacturers have started to produce custom-made skins for all sorts of laptops, old and new. These skins range from cute floral designs all the way to the geekiest star trek enterprise models for all the nerds out there.

macbook skins

So, whether you’re a movie buff, a gamer, or someone who just enjoys some aesthetic art, there are laptop skins out there for your specific needs. Installation of these laptop skins is easy and they allow you to truly express who you are whether you’re at school, in a café, or in a business meeting. Maybe someone will notice your cool Dragon Ball Z Laptop Skin and even approach you, which is a great way to socialize and find people with similar interests.

The internet is full of these laptop skins though and skimming through the hundreds of pages to find the perfect match for yourself can be a bit exhausting and tedious. So, we have compiled an extensive list of some of the best premium and budget laptop skins, laptop stickers, laptop decals that you can buy right now for your Windows or Mac devices. The list includes laptop skin designs for all types of people so whether you’re an otaku, a gamer, a space enthusiast, an academic, an artist, or a businessman, we have got you covered.

1. Meffort Inc Personalized Name Laptop Skin (for all sizes and models) – $12.95

Best Laptop Skins

Meffort Inc has become a household name for laptop skins over the past few years. The company has thousands of positive reviews and it’s not without any reason. Not only are their laptop skins very premium in terms of quality with high-resolution images and textures, but they are also fully scratch resistant, non-fading, and easily removable without any hassle or glue leftovers. In addition to that, their vinyl laptop skins are also affordable making them some of the best budget laptop skins on the market.

This laptop skin in particular from Meffort has a lot going for it. There are over a dozen different designs that you can pick from ranging from zebra prints all the way to Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Not only that but there is also an additional option to put your name or anything that you want to write on the notebook skin itself, giving it just that extra touch of personalization. And, finally, the laptop skin comes in all sorts of different sizes ranging from 10 inches all the way up to 17. So, whether you have an Apple Macbook, an HP Spectre, a Dell XPS, a Surface Laptop, or a big Asus Zephyrus Gaming Laptop, they’ve got you covered.

However, even if you do happen to have a laptop with strange dimensions, they’ve got a solution for that as well since you can get the skins in a custom size. And, at this price point, the purchase decision is an absolute no-brainer. You can check out the Meffort Inc Personalized Laptop Skin on Amazon.

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2. Inspirational Words and Motivational Quotes 200 Pcs Sticker Pack – $7.59

inspirational motivational stickers

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you need to make lemonade and get energy from it. In times of darkness, a little inspiration and motivation can go a long way, and having constant reminders of such things around you has proven to be beneficial for a lot of people. So, if you want a dose of positive energy around you then this sticker pack will definitely lift your spirits.

With 200 stickers ranging from motivational quotes, positive messages, and sunny goodness, looking at these cute and aesthetically pleasing stickers will definitely lift your mood up and make you feel better about yourself. These can go on your laptop, backpack, fridge, notebook, or anywhere else. And, since these stickers are made with high-quality material, they are completely waterproof and don’t leave a residue when you take them off.

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3. Digi-Tatoo Marble Laptop Skin Decal for Apple MacBook Air/Pro – $18.99

When it comes to Laptop Skins, one of the most popular routes to go for is the stone material textured look. There is something deeply elegant and minimalistic at the same time about a fresh marble skin that elevates the look of your laptop. So, if you are the type of person who doesn’t like overly colorful art and just wants an elegant and understated skin for your device, Digi-Tatoo is where you should be looking.

These Apple MacBook skins are completely water-resistant and will protect your beloved MacOS device from scratches, dust, oil, water, and fingerprints. Not only that but this skin also provides full 360-degree coverage as it includes the bottom skin as well. So, if you wish to make your MacBook look elegant and premium, this marble skin is definitely the one you should go for.

They’ve also got some really cool space-themed skins too. Like this one.

Buy These from Amazon

4. MasiBloom Texture Microsoft Surface Laptop 13.5-inch Skin – $9.99

surface laptop skins

If you’re looking for an elegant and understated texture skin like the one above but for a Microsoft Surface Laptop, look no further than MasiBloom. This skin comes in a wide variety of options including your usual marble textures. However, MasiBloom has gone one step beyond and has also included other minimalist options like rose gold and carbon fiber laptop skins. And, to top it all off, you have a classic Wave and Setting Sun Surface Laptop skin for all of the art aficionados out there.

The MasiBloom Texture Skins are compatible with all Microsoft Surface Laptop 13.5-inch models and provide protection from water, dust, cigarette ash, and scratches. In addition to that, the skin is easy to apply and even easier to peel off with zero residues. Furthermore, this is arguably one of the cheapest budget laptop skins under $10 on the market and thus really provides good budget value for your dollars. You can check out the MasiBloom Texture Microsoft Surface Laptop Skin and more from their amazon collection on Amazon.

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5. NASA Space 50 Pcs Sticker Pack – $6.99

NASA Space Sticker Pack

Space is undoubtedly one of the coolest things in existence and if you’re a wanderlust person who looks up at the sky and wonders what’s out there in the vast depths of space, then this sticker pack is definitely the one for you. Not only does it include NASA-related stickers for all the space travel nerds out there, but it also has stickers related to planets, galaxies, and so much more. These stickers all have high-quality digital prints and are fully waterproof and sun-proof. And, since these can go on your laptop or anywhere else, the sticker pack can also serve as the perfect gift for your favorite space enthusiasts out there.

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6. Nintendo Games Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda 100 Pcs Sticker Pack – $9.99

Mario Zelda Pokemon Sticker

Nintendo games have been a part of all of our childhoods, whether you grew up playing the old SNES, the N64, or the latest Nintendo Switch. Video game franchises like Super Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon have stood the test of time and have immortalized themselves into the nostalgia books of most gamers around the world. This sticker pack from Kilmila is a celebration of those 3 big Nintendo franchises and includes 100 unique stickers from Pokemon, Mario. and the Zelda. So, whether you’re a fan of trying to catch them all, fighting monsters in Hyrule, or trying to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, this sticker pack for your laptop, mobile phone, or anything else has got you covered. Check it out and purchase it from Amazon only.

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7. iColor Vibrant Cover Art Laptop Skins for All Notebook Sizes – $9.88

Laptop Skins for Girls

If minimalism is not your thing and you want something vibrant, joyful, and expressive then the iColor Cover Art Laptop Protective Skins could be your cup of tea. These skins come in a wide variety of designs ranging from cute cats to some beautiful and vibrant floral designs and are the perfect fit for girls and boys alike. There are over a dozen different prints to choose from and all of them are high-resolution so you get that premium detail.

These prints come in all sizes so whether you have an Apple Macbook or a Dell Latitude laptop, you’re fully covered with this protective decal skin. It is highly durable, waterproof, dust resistant, and scratch-proof making it a viable option for those looking to protect their devices as well.  And, with a price tag this low, these skins provide some great value and are among the best cheap yet durable laptop skins out there. Check out the entire collection on Amazon.

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8. Fortnite Gaming Sticker Pack for Laptops and Phones – $8.59

fortnite stickers

Fortnite has transcended the video game industry and has turned into a cultural phenomenon. Everyone knows about it and it still attracts millions of players every day. Furthermore, Epic Games has introduced some really cool live events and compelling lore into the game that has gripped audiences young and old alike. And if you are a fan of this massive franchise then surely you’d love to represent your love for the game and show it to the world. If you are, then this sticker pack containing 100 different stickers for the game would be absolutely perfect for you. You can put them on your laptop, PC, mobile phone, luggage, water bottle, car, or anywhere you want. And, whether you’re a teen or an adult, a boy or a girl, or non-binary, this is the perfect way for you to show off your love for Fortnite and Gaming to the world.

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9. SUSCADM Carbon Fiber Skin Bundle for Macbook Pro 2021 – $12.99

carbon fiber macbook pro 2021 skin

If you’re into the cool space-age aesthetic that Carbon Fiber offers and also want a bit more protection than just the back of your Macbook Pro, then this is definitely the skin for you. Not only does it come with a cool carbon fiber skin in different colors but it is also paired with a bottom skin, a keyboard cover, webcam slides, and even rubber pads. And, at a price that’s under 15 bucks, getting all of those things is essentially a steal. So, head over to the link below and check out this Carbon Fiber Skin pack for Macbook Pro 2021.

Buy from Amazon

10. Funny Meme Vinyl Sticker Pack – $11.99

funny meme stickers

Meme culture has been the cornerstone of the internet for over a decade now and it is growing at an exponential rate. There’s a good reason for that though as memes are able to portray human emotion and comedic information faster than anything else. Furthermore, the way that memes connect people from all over the world and from different cultures has been vital to our transformation into a global village. This sticker pack with over 150 memes has all the heavy hitters of the past few years for you ranging from the famous Doge to Pepe the frog and surprised Pikachu. You can use this all-star lineup of meme stickers on any device or notebook you own to flaunt your familiarity with internet culture.

Buy from Amazon

11. Apple Juice Box Skin Decal for Macbook – $5.70

Apple juice box decal macbook

This cleverly designed juice box decal is perfect for those who like to have a bit of fun and show off their funny side to the world. The decal is transparent and is shaped like a juice box with the Apple logo on your Macbook acting as the logo for the juice as well. And, in addition to that, apple juice has also been used as a pun to describe the battery of an Apple device so it adds another dimension as well. And, since the Apple logo on a Macbook lights up as well, this simple yet fun decal is sure to attract some eyeballs. Hit the link below to check it out!

Buy from Amazon

12. Cute Cat 100 Pcs Sticker Pack – $7.99

cute cat stickers

If you have ever been a cat mom or dad, you know how special and cute these little creatures are. They are simultaneously the smartest and somehow the dumbest creatures ever and everything they do seems to range wildly between adorable and meme-worthy. So, represent your love for cats, the unhinged phenomenon of nature, with this sticker pack that contains 100 different stickers of cute cat drawings and illustrations. These can go on your laptop, backpack, notebook, or anywhere else. The possibilities are endless.

Buy from Amazon

13. Cute Dog 80 Pcs Sticker Pack

cute dog stickers

If cats are not your thing and you are more of a dog person, then this Cute Dog Sticker Pack from QIYUYA is perfect for you. Dogs are the most adorable and loyal pets out there and the way they can just brighten up your day instantly by their mere presence is why we all love them. So, show off your love for cute puppers and doggos with this sticker pack containing some of the cutest dog art that you’ve ever seen. All of these stickers are fully waterproof and don’t leave any residue when you take them off.

Buy from Amazon

14. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Laptop Decal – $5.00

Star Wars has been around for a long time and while the franchise has had its ups and downs in terms of storytelling, the legacy of the series is still intact, especially the original trilogy. And, nothing speaks Star Wars louder than Han Solo’s very own Millennium Falcon (which he won from Lando of course). So, show your love for Star Wars with this Millennium Falcon Decal and feel the speed, just as the ship did by making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. This Star Wars Millennium Falcon Laptop Decal is compatible with laptops of all brands, models, and sizes.

Buy from Amazon

15. Meffort Inc Psychedelic Art Laptop Skins for All Models – $12.95

psychedelic art laptop skins

This Laptop Skin collection from Meffort Inc is filled to the brim with psychedelic art designs that can really teleport you into another universe. These transcendental designs range all the way from a galaxy to the classic Mandala design. Furthermore, they come with two extra wrist pads for the internal side of your laptop as well.

Buy from Amazon

16. MS Word/Excel Cheat Sheet Laptop Decal

ms word excel shortcut decal

If you’re someone whose work involves Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, you know how time-consuming it can be to find the command that you’re looking for hidden in all the menus. However, these programs also come with handy shortcuts that can perform those commands within mere seconds. Learning all of those shortcuts can be tricky for a lot of people though. If you’re one of those people then this cheat sheet from Synerlogic will help you a lot. It is a laptop decal that contains all the important commonly used commands for MS Word and Excel. It comes in black, white, rainbow, and clear options. So, elevate your workflow and efficiency by placing this Excel and Word cheatsheet right next to your laptop trackpad.

Buy from Amazon

17. Science 100 Pcs Sticker Pack – $7.99

science stickers

The Natural Sciences Sticker Pack is for all the STEM people out there who take pride in their work. The pack contains stickers from all walks of scientific life including Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. It contains memes, famous equations, popular science sayings, apparatus, and some famous personalities within the scientific sphere like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein as well. The sticker pack is fully waterproof and is made of high-quality adhesive material that doesn’t leave any residue when you take it off. So, if you wish to rep your love for science then this is a perfect fit for you.

Buy from Amazon

18. Skinit Marvel Comics Spiderman Skin for MacBook Air 13.3-inch – $24.99

Marvel laptop Skins

If you are a MacBook Air 13.3-inch user and are into Marvel Comics and Spider-man, this will most definitely catch your eye. This skin is an officially licensed Marvel Comics print made specifically for the older generation of MacBook Air 13.3-inch models. The design has that iconic Marvel comic book look with The Amazing Spider-man swinging through and saving the day along with his obvious quips and dialogue. The skin is one of the coolest Marvel Comic book cover designs and is bound to attract a lot of eyes towards it.

The Macbook Air Spiderman skin comes with a 3M Adhesive backing, which is easy to install and leaves no residue when you take it off. The laptop skin is also scratch-resistant and provides that extra bit of protection against things like dust and water. Check this and more out on Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

19. Hanging Plant Laptop Sticker Pack – $13.50

hanging plant laptop sticker

Taking care of little plants in your home is one of the most fulfilling hobbies. And, not only do plants add to the aesthetic of your interior but they also freshen up the place and make you feel good. So, bring that same energy and vibe to your laptop as well with this hanging plant sticker pack. It contains several hand-drawn high-quality stickers that make it look like you are hanging some cute plants on the back of your laptop. This is also the perfect gift for plant lovers. And, since the rope can be trimmed down according to your need, the stickers can be used on planners, scrapbooks, diaries, and so many more things.

Buy from Amazon

20. Custom Name Cursive Laptop Decal – $5.99

In a world where everyone around you owns a Macbook, your laptop can get lost in the crowd sometimes. And, while some people add extravagant skins or decals to their laptops to stand out, that is not necessarily everyone’s style. So, this simple decal is for those people who like to keep things low-key and still add a bit of personality to their laptops. This custom name decal comes in a cool cursive font that not only looks natural but also adds some flair and panache to your device. Furthermore, it doesn’t even have to be your name as the text is fully customizable so you could literally write anything.

Buy from Amazon

21. Video Game Sticker Pack 50 Pcs for Laptops – $6.99

video game sticker pack

Video Games have seen exponential growth over the past few years, with the medium going more and more mainstream. And, if you are an older gamer, you remember the times when it was shunned by the mainstream public. Now though, things are different and you can proudly show off your gamer heritage with this amazing sticker pack that contains stickers from all over the gaming world. From retro controllers to famous gamer sayings, it’s all in here for you to slap on your laptop, mobile, or anything else.

Buy from Amazon

22. Boba Fett Head Decorative Laptop Skin Decal – $4.50

boba fett laptop decal star wars

The Boba Fett decal is for all the fans of Star Wars, and more specifically those who love the character of Boba Fett in the franchise. Showing off the iconic Mandalorian helmet of the infamous bounty hunter, this decal is the perfect center piece for you to display your inner Star Wars nerd. So, whether you are a fan of the original trilogy and Boba Fett’s appearance in that, or you’re a newcomer to the Boba Fett fan club with the new series, there’s no better way to represent your fandom. And, if you have a laptop with a logo that glows like a Macbook, the decal looks even cooler.

Buy from Amazon

23. Taylor Swift Folklore and Evermore Sticker Pack – $5.99

taylor swift stickers

Taylor Swift has been making waves in the music industry for well over a decade now with Folklore and Evermore being arguably her best work yet. So, if you are a Swiftie and want to represent your love for these legendary albums, then this sticker pack is the perfect fit for you. Containing aesthetically pleasing art and lyrics from the album, these stickers will definitely elevate your vibe. These are fully waterproof and can be removed without any residue as well. Not only that but you can use these on things other than your laptop as well like a backpack or notebook.

Buy from Amazon

24.  Zadanle Elegant Laptop Skins with Wrist Pads for All Models – $7.99

macbook skins

If you are a fan of elegant statements straight out of a Paris fashion show, then these skins are for you. With their mesmerizing gold trims and high-resolution prints, these skins are the very definition of class. Not only that, but they also come with wrist pads meaning you can turn the inside of your laptop into this classy statement as well. And, for a price lower than 8 dollars for a laptop skin, you get a really good value. Get Zadanle laptop skins online from Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

25. Minecraft 50 Pcs Sticker Pack – $6.99

minecraft sticker pack

Minecraft is one of, if not the biggest video game franchise of all time. The game has sold over a hundred million copies and its popularity doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. And, for good reason as well since the possibilities with a sandbox like Minecraft are truly endless. So what better way to show your appreciation and love for this decade-old franchise by putting high-quality stickers of it on your stuff. This pack of 50 stickers has everything a Minecraft gamer would need, from creepers and ender dragons to Steve himself, you can slap any of them right on your laptop, mobile phone, mugs, or literally anything else.

Buy from Amazon

26. Skinit Official Dragon Ball Z MacBook Air M1 Laptop Skin with Case – $49.99

laptop skins for boys

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most iconic anime out there and this skin is made for its true fans. With a print of both Goku and Vegeta back to back, as they prepare to fight their next enemy, this skin will most definitely evoke some feelings of Saiyan pride in fans of the series. The MacBook skin is officially licensed and comes with a clear hard-shell case that can protect your laptop as well.

Buy from Amazon

27. Skinit Official Attack On Titan Skin for MacBook Air M1 with Case – $49.99

Anime Laptop Skins

Continuing our streak of anime skin, this one is made for all the Attack On Titan fans out there. The MacBook Air M1 skin features a sleek black and white print with the main characters of the series on it. And of course this also comes with the clear hard-shell case for that extra 360-degree protection. So, if you want to express your love for this series and happen to rock a MacBook, then this is a no-brainer purchase for you.

Buy from Amazon

28. Anime Sticker Pack 200 Pcs – $10.99

anime stickers

If full anime-themed laptop skins are not quite your cup of tea and you’d like to represent your love for more than one singular anime, then this sticker pack might be it for you. Containing 200 stickers from some of the most famous anime shows and movies out there ranging from Naruto all the way to Sailor Moon, you’ll definitely find something in here that suits you. All of these stickers are made from high-quality waterproof material and do not leave any residue when you take them off.

Buy from Amazon

29. Halo Infinite Gaming Decal and Sticker Pack for Laptops – $9.99

halo infinite laptop skin

Halo is undoubtedly one of the greatest video game franchises of all time and after a small dip in the series popularity over the past few years, Master Chief is now back with a bang in Halo Infinite. These days everyone is talking about how great Halo Infinite is and if you are one of those people, you have to represent your love for this franchise by putting your favorite spartan on the back of your laptop with this sticker pack from Kilmila. It includes 50 different distinct stickers ranging from the elites to the latest Halo Infinite art. So, strap into that warthog and finish this fight by checking out this Halo Infinite gaming decal and sticker pack for laptops down below!

Buy from Amazon

30. Neon Color Swirl Laptop Skin for All Models – $11.60

This Neon Color Swirl Laptop Skin is for those who are looking for an artsy and psychedelic print that can hypnotize you. This trippy design is fully compatible with most laptop brands and sizes including Apple Macbook, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer, and many more.

Buy from Amazon

31. Gothic Sticker Pack 150 Pcs – $9.99

goth stickers

The Gothic aesthetic has been around for many decades but has recently seen a surge thanks to internet culture. The cool dark vibes with skulls and beautifully drawn blood roses is something that a lot of people connect with. Furthermore, the color palette that the goth aesthetic brings with it is incredible as well. So, if you’re someone who has embraced the goth lifestyle and you’re looking to show that off in things other than fashion, then this sticker pack will entice you. It contains 150 high-quality stickers with premium goth art that will surely elevate your vibe whether you put them on your laptop, notebooks, or anywhere else.

32. Solid Black Laptop Skin for All Models – $9.33

matte black laptop skin

Who doesn’t love matte black skins? They’re understated, minimalistic, and yet exude pure class and style. You can’t really go wrong with black. If you agree, then this solid matte black skin will fit your needs perfectly. It’s simple, classic, and hides the brand logo with a no-glare finish and protective coating.

Buy from Amazon

33. Star Wars Darth Vader Black Laptop Decal Vinyl – $8.99

This Star Wars Darth Vader Decal from Skyline Designs is the perfect thing to spice up your laptop design while also showing off your love for the franchise. Darth Vader is, after all, one of the coolest villains of all time. Not only that but this decal is designed in a way that it shows Darth Vader holding the logo of your laptop manufacturer, which looks super dope. The quality of the decal is also very high, making it last for up to 5 years. So, head over to the link below and get your hands on this cool Star Wars laptop decal right now!

Buy from Amazon

34. Star Wars Sticker 50 Pcs Pack for Laptops – $6.99

star wars stickers

Continuing the theme of Star Wars items, this sticker pack is a great way to really engage in the fandom for a galaxy far far away. The sticker pack comes with 50 brilliantly designed unique stickers including all your favorite characters and famous one-liners from them. So, whether you’re looking to have Chewbacca staring at you every time you open your laptop or want a Star Wars Coffee sign on your mug, it’s all here. You can check out this Star Wars Sticker Pack for Laptops on Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

35. iColor Cute Floral Design Cover Laptop Skins for All Models – $10.49

laptop skins for girls

If you are into cute floral designs with a certain artsy aesthetic, then this Laptop skin collection from iColor will suit you. It has over a dozen high-definition premium prints ranging from butterflies to a floral artistic rendition of the Eiffel Tower. These are also some of the best budget laptop skins for girls on the market and fit all sorts of laptop models and sizes.

Buy from Amazon

36. Star Trek USS Enterprise Vinyl Laptop Skin for All Models – $15

Star Trek Laptop Skins

Star Trek holds a very special place in a lot of our hearts, being one of the best sci-fi franchises out there. And, if you are a big fan of the series then this laptop skin will most definitely entice you. The laptop skin has a high-quality print of the iconic USS Enterprise ship from Star Trek and will definitely grab a lot of attention from other fans of the show. It comes in various sizes and thus will most likely fit your laptop as well. So, reignite your love for Star Trek and check out this amazing USS Enterprise Laptop skin on Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

37. Forlin Car 104 Pcs Sticker Pack for Laptops – $6.99

This particular sticker pack from Forlin is tailor-made for all the petrol heads out there. Whether you are an old-school car lover or someone who has just gotten into the art of appreciating these incredible machines, there’s something for everyone in it. The sticker pack includes over 100 distinct stickers with cars ranging from the iconic Porsche 911 all the way to the wild Lamborghini Huracan. These car stickers can be easily placed and removed on your laptop, phone, mug, luggage, skateboard, or anything else. So, if you love cars and want to show it off to the world, check out the entire collection of these car stickers on Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

38. Skinit Official Superman Laptop Skin for Macbook Air M1 – $49.99

Superman laptop skins

For all the DC fans out there, this Superman skin is officially licensed and will fit perfectly on your latest Macbook Air M1. Rep the most powerful superhero of them all with the iconic Superman logo and a comic strip in the background. This Macbook skin also comes with a protective case and raised anti-slip pads for the ultimate Superman protection.

Buy from Amazon

39. MasiBloom Starry Sky Skin for Microsoft Surface Laptop – $9.29

This Starry Sky Skin for the Microsoft Surface Laptop is one of the most beautiful designs out there that blends right into the laptop chassis and incorporates the Windows logo into it as well. This skin and the Surface Laptop are the perfect matches for each other. And, with a price that’s less than 10 dollars, this laptop skin is one of the best budget skins out there.

Buy from Amazon

40. Itsaskin Colorful Space Gases Laptop Skin for All Models – $9.95

Space Laptop Skins

If you want to represent your love for the cosmos with something spectacular and vibrant, then this Colorful Space Gases Laptop Skin from Itsaskin is your solution. This laptop skin shows billions of stars and galaxies with incredible detail and vividness. Furthermore, it comes in a range of different sizes. Not only that but you can also download the wallpaper version of the space laptop skin and rock it as your desktop.

Buy from Amazon

41.  Classical Art Laptop Skins for Microsoft Surface Laptop – $16.00

Art Laptop Skins

This collection of skins is for those who are into some old-school classical art. It includes some of the most famous paintings of all time. School of Athens, the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, you name them and they’re here. These Laptop Skins are also water-resistant and incredibly durable, which means that they are built to last. And, 16 dollars is a small price to pay for the expression of your love for art.

Buy from Amazon

42. Call of Duty Vinyl 100 Pcs Sticker Pack for Laptops – $6.99

call of duty stickers

Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises out there and with a blockbuster annual release each year for the past two decades, the series has cemented itself into the video game hall of fame. This laptop sticker pack represents all the history and the new age of Call of Duty and is a perfect gift for all the fans of this iconic first-person shooter franchise. It includes 100 stickers from the fan-favorite Black Ops and Modern Warfare series as well as Warzone and everything in between. So, head over to the link below and grab this Call of Duty sticker pack for your laptops right now.

Buy from Amazon

43. Skinit Official Batman Skin + Case for Macbook Air M1 – $49.99

Batman Macbook M1 Skin

If you are rocking the latest Macbook 13 M1 and are a Batman fan then this is a match made in heaven. This is the officially licensed Batman skin for the Macbook Air M1 that fits your laptop like a glove. So, rep your favorite bat vigilante from Gotham and flex on everyone around you. Furthermore, it comes with an additional hard plastic clear shell that protects your laptop from all sorts of drops and scratches.

Buy from Amazon

44. 3D Print Games Laptop Skins for All Sizes – $8.98

Gaming Laptop Skins

If you’re a gamer and the usual pattern or artistic design skins aren’t your thing, then take a look at this. The 3D Print Laptop skin has been designed with gamers in mind, giving you that retro controller design on the back of your device. The laptop skin has a nice 3D texture to it and can really elevate your expression as a gamer. Furthermore, it also protects your laptop against scratches and is waterproof. This laptop skin is also one of the best cheap options under $9, which is a great bargain.

Buy from Amazon

45. itsaskin Sunset on Beach Vinyl Laptop Skin for All Sizes – $9.40

The itsaskin Sunset on Beach laptop skin is for all the wanderlust people out there who daydream about the romantic things in life. This skin just exuberates that sense of calm and peace that you feel during a sunset on the beach. And, the great thing is that it fits on all sorts of Laptops ranging from 13 inches all the way up to 16.5-inch widescreen laptops.

It has a no-glare finish and also protects your device from potential scratches. And, once you’re done with it, this laptop skin is incredibly easy to remove without any sticky residue. You can check out these budget laptop skins on Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

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