Bayonetta 3 Sells 1 Million Copies Despite Controversies

Bayonetta 3 is an action-adventure title created by PlatinumGames and launched exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Within just four months of its release, the game has achieved a significant milestone, selling 1 million copies. This news is likely pleasing to fans of the series, particularly as the next installment is planned for an early launch this year.

The sales performance of Bayonetta 3’s first expansion faced pre-launch controversies. Despite the challenges, the game has achieved an impressive milestone of selling over one million units since its release in October. This information was reported in the latest Nintendo financial report, which includes the game’s total sales in 2021. The article hints that the game’s sales could increase even more.

PlatinumGames is probably focusing on the creation and release of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon this year. However, despite this, the development team and fans of the Bayonetta series remain highly excited and eager for the release of Bayonetta 3. This is not surprising, given that the game was only recently launched in October of the previous year. Furthermore, the release of a special music video dedicated to Bayonetta 3 and the game receiving accolades and awards have contributed to its remarkable sales performance.

In the Bayonetta 3 game, Viola is a new character with a distinctive rocker-chick personality and style. The article’s author particularly enjoyed the little nuances that set Viola apart from Bayonetta, such as the unique gestures used to destroy walled combat areas in the game. While Bayonetta blows a kiss, Viola puts up devil horns, emphasizing the contrast between the two characters. Although Jeanne, Bayonetta’s long-time friend, also appears in the game, the author is not impressed with her outfit design. They feel that Jeanne’s clothing needs to be updated, with long tunics over pants that have not been in fashion for a while. This has led the author to wonder if there was some falling out between the two characters, as they find it hard to believe that Bayonetta would allow Jeanne to leave the house looking so “busted.”

Talking about the controversies; in the first two seasons of the game, Hellena Taylor, the voice actor who played Bayonetta, took to Twitter in October to express her disappointment with the $4,000 offer that Platinum Games supposedly made to her for reprising her role in Bayonetta 3. She found the offer insulting and eventually turned it down. Taylor’s tweet suggests that she was dissatisfied with the compensation offered for her voice-acting work, which she had done for the previous games in the series.

Several reports indicate that the $4,000 offer to Hellena Taylor for her role in Bayonetta 3 was a standard flat rate and represented the average cost of each recording session she would attend. However, despite this information, Taylor still declined the offer. The news of her low pay caused a stir among the gaming community, particularly among voice actors, who began to question the issue of fair compensation for their work.

Emma Samuel, a Senior Agent and Business Manager at Voice Squad commented on the Bayonetta pay issue and called it a ‘Complex situation’. She noted that the standard fee for voice acting work varies depending on factors such as the actor’s experience, the project’s size, and the type of media produced. She also mentioned that there is often a disconnect between the perceived value of a voice actor’s work and their compensation. Samuel suggested that to address these issues; there needs to be more transparency and communication between actors and production companies.

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