Behind every page of, there’s an entire hardworking, passionate and devoted team of reporters and writers. Here they are!

Anthony Leeman, Editor-in-Chief

Anthony LeemanMasters in Mass Communication, Anthony went on to complete its MBA in Technology Management from Haas School of Business, University of California. He has always been thoroughly interested in studying and analyzing Technology and every aspect of it. Starting his career as an intern tech reporter at a major local newspaper in NY, Anthony worked with various magazines and websites before settling down here.

Sucker for Science-fiction, when futuristic inventions catch his eye, the next thing he does is writing about it to share his research and opinion to the world through this well-maintained news platform called FactsChronicle.

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Fiona Higgins, Senior Journalist 

STEPHFiona is a senior reporter and writer, working in the niche of both cryptocurrency and technology. When not speculating the trend of the crytpomarket, she helps out with the testing of new tech and gadgetry. She has over 10 years of experience in freelance writing for many news organizations. You can easily find her in cafes enjoying a steaming cup of coffee while working on her next story.

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Michael Lowry, Tech Reporter

Michael is a tech journalist and considers himself more than just tech-savvy. He is known to jailbreak his iPhone as soon as he gets his hands on one. He is highly experienced working as an editor and journalist for sites like and in the past. Now he is committed for writing about tech here on FactsChronicle.

You can connect with him at

Other Contributors:

Haisam Munir

Born with a silver controller in his hands, Haisam has always been passionate about games, the machines that they run on, and the industry that makes them. He also has an avid interest in other forms of tech, sports, and economics.

Stan Brendon

A computer engineering graduate from University of Oklahoma, who has a passion for writing technical blogs and craves to explore news about emerging Technologies, gadgets, Information Security etc.

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