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Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia

Turkey has blocked user access to Wikipedia and they receive ‘connection timed out’ error message from 8:00 (5:00 GMT). Online Encyclopedia Wikipedia has been blocked in Istanbul on Saturday and…


Best Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games for 2017

The great selling and high-in-demand entertainment product in today’s era are the video games. People of all ages; from children to teens to the mature adults enjoy spending their spare time in playing games available in a large variety in the market. They may either be played on consoles, or downloaded to be run on computers, PCs, tablets, digital electronic mobile phones etc. in online or offline modes. Due to the elevated demand, a lot of developers work diligently, using the modern high-tech technology to present gamers complying with the changing times. The more advanced, unique and up-to-date the game is, the more game lovers welcome it. With the wide range of video games emerging, various platforms are also available in the market to give you the best gaming feel and experience. The most famous of those platforms in today’s date include Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo; each having their own series of modules. This article features the new games set to be released in the year 2017, emerging for Sony Entertainment- the renowned Japanese-based company that has given gamers PlayStation consoles; The PlayStation Vita, The PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation 3 (PS3) and the most current and latest version being The PlayStation4 (PS4). The company not only offers you consoles, but also games and accessories that are compatible with devices. The games can be downloaded from the PlayStation official website or PlayStation Store. Given below are 11 of the Best PS4 games coming up this year (May to November 2017):

  1. Call of Duty: WWII
Reveling: Today- April 26th, 2017 Releasing in: November 2017 Genre: Action, Thriller, Shooting call of duty-min The most played game Call of Duty has its new sequel being announced today; Call of Duty: WWII, which will be released later this year. It is a single-player game that features Ronald Daniels- a U.S Army private, known by the name ‘Red’ fighting through World War II, along with his platoon of U.S Army, 1st Infantry Division. Although the trailer does not reveal many details about the game, few of the iconic historic locations eminent to the war have been pictured, giving the players a classic combat gaming experience.


Top 5 Best Digital Cameras of 2017

Throughout the ages, human has gone digital. This evolution has become a success story over centuries of hard work and research. The combination of devices and series of instruments has…


Best 3D Pen of 2017

It is said that creativity has no limits. Years of endless research and teamwork has brought the world to evolutionary potential but even at this point, we can’t predict what…


Try refreshing pitcher Mojito this summer

Hey, folks! Spring has arrived with a bang and summer is on its way. Get yourself ready for experiencing extreme weather pattern. Summers are going to be crueler this time.…

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