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Michelle Perez is an expansive writer. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Studies. Her interests include writing, gardening, research and home decor. Organic living is her passion.

great mobile phones under $100

The 5 Amazing Mobile Phones under $100

The world we are presently living in has entered the digital age and technology has developed at a rapid pace since the past two decades. Mankind has witnessed many advancements…

Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla Model S P100D

The time of the German sedans is over. Tesla, the American electric cars manufacturing giant is set to redefine the sedan game. Its electric cars are a nod to the…

Cancer Detection Pen

This Pen can Detect Cancer in Real Time!

A new cancer detecting pen could become an important tool in the war against cancer. The pen called MasSpec Pen can detect cancer cells with 96% accuracy. It can identify…

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 – No More Boundaries!

Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics was founded back in the year 1969 as Samsung Electronic Industries, Suwon in South Korea. They made their Headquarters in South Korea and started making everything…

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