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Michelle Perez is an expansive writer. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Studies. Her interests include writing, gardening, research and home decor. Organic living is her passion.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017

The Exciting New Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro laptops have been in the spotlight and a topic of hot debate among the tech-savvy for one reason or another. After Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro, the…

cybersecurity breaches 2017

2017 – The Year of Cyber-security Disasters

It wouldn’t be wrong to call 2017 the year of cyber-security disasters. Hacks, breaches, and ransomware have been a common occurrence. These cyber-security disasters were brought upon us by rogue…

general motors

General Motors Has Exciting News for Everyone!

A few years ago, many new car manufacturing companies came forward with something very exciting: electric cars! It was a new offering and tech-savvy customers were over the moon with…

Google Pixel 2

All Eyes on Google for Pixel 2 Launch

According to an advertising campaign, Google is launching a successor to its amazing Pixel smartphone. The official launch date is October 4 and all eyes are on Google anticipating what…

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