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Masters in Mass Communication from the University of Southern California, the writer is a Tech journalist, currently working for FactsChronicle.


Snapchat’s Rich-poor War

An exclusive news emerged recently when CEO Evan Spiegel of the renowned app- Snapchat allegedly said that his application is not for Indians, and calling it a “Rich People’s App”.…


Best VR Headsets and Accessories

Virtual reality gadgets have been on the market for quite some time now. After the VR explosion, all of the big names in VR have launched their VR platforms. Whether…


Miswak – The Natural Organic Tooth Brush

The rage all around us is ORGANIC, hand-made, free-range and locally produced! From shampoos to lotions to body butter, medicines and mainly food, people are slowly and gradually returning to…


A Massive Rubbish Dump Falls in Srilanka

While the nation celebrated its New Year’s Day, a massive 300 feet high dump of rubbish collapsed in Colombo, Srilanka in a place known as Meetotamulla on Friday- April 15th,…


Patriots Day Rally Takes Heat

While other protests took place in different cities of USA as ‘Tax Day’ on Saturday- April 15th, almost 21 individuals got arrested at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California, for…

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