Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X are capable of Fast Charging – Here’s how to do it!

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It has nearly been a year since the release of iPhone 8 and the all-new iPhone X, but people still seem to be missing out on the phones’ greatest feature to have: Fast Charging. Yes, the newer iPhone line up supports Fast Charging, but many don’t even know if this feature exists – until now.

iPhones are notorious for having a shorter battery time, and above all taking hours to charge from 0 to 100. This is because the iPhones before 2018 didn’t support Fast Charging and now that they do, Apple didn’t even bother to market the phone’s fast charging feature probably (Why? More on that later). In an era, where most flagship Androids supports fast charging Apple should have taken the initiative to provide the necessary Fast Charger with the device itself.

iPhone users find themselves charging their phones more often, be it at work or home. Yes, power banks have made our lives a whole lot easier, but a company who charges you a whopping $1,000 for its “base” model iPhone X should at least have the courage to provide the necessary fast charging equipment to the consumer free of cost. The reason: Apple just wants to make more money by selling its official (and overpriced) Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable and a third-party or Apple’s own USB-C Power Adapter that should support USB Power Delivery (USB-PD).

According to Apple itself, it just requires 30 minutes to charge your iPhone up to 50 percent, because of the fast charging option. This means that your battery-dead iPhone can charge fully in just about an hour. Previously it took at least 2 hours or more to fully charge your iPhone. Thus, with the fast charger, the time has been nearly reduced in half.

Even after knowing this amazing feature, many of us won’t even bother buying a fast charger (though they can buy a $1,000 phone), just because Apple’s $25 USB-C to Lightning Cable seems expensive. Yes, it is expensive, and I totally blame Apple for not providing it with the box, but why not utilize one of the few good things about iPhone 8 over its predecessor, by spending some bucks.

If you want to go all out on buying from Apple, we wouldn’t recommend that, since you need to buy a 29W USB-C Power Adapter for $49 and a $25 Type-C to lightning cable, which means spending $75 might not be worth it after all.  Though if you already have a recent MacBook or MacBook Pro you already have this charger.

Else, what you can do is check out other 3rd Party USB-C Power Adapters from Aukey or Anker which should just cost you around the $25 mark. They do the job pretty decently, though Apple’s own Power Adapter did give the best results somehow. Therefore, if you have that kind of money, buying Apple’s original power adapter might seem a better option, else you are better off buying one from a third party.



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