Alexandra Shulman stepping down after 25 years as editor of British Vogue

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The longstanding editor in chief of Britsh Vogue is standing down after 25 years in the job, amid reports that she and the US Vogue editor Anna Wintour are embroiled in a feud.

Ms Shulman announced today that she will leave the post this summer. The 59 year old said she had no rational reason for standing down, but she wanted to experience a different way of life. However, following her statement, made on the Vogue website, rumours immediately started circulating that she was leaving as a result of a long standing feud with her American counterpart Ms Wintour.

According to sources, Ms Shulman’s current deputy Emily Sheffield, who is the sister of Samantha Cameron, is set to take over the top job. However, it is believed that Jo Elvin, who currently edits Glamour, is also in the running, as is Vogue fashion features director Sarah Harris.


There has been a strong rivalry between Ms Shulman and Ms Wintour since Ms Shulman started the job in 1992. It is believed that Ms Wintour, who was previously in the role, did not believe that her successor had the fashion background necessary to make a success of the job.



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